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Zaragoza Weekend Trip

14 February 2017


After a rainy couple of weeks in the Netherlands, a short break in the sun in Zaragoza was much anticipated. We spent the day in Brussels before taking a shuttle to the South Charleroi Airport to catch our flight to Zaragoza- a journey that was much longer than expected! When we first booked the flight, I had assumed that the Brussels-Charelroi Airport was at least close to Brussels, however it was not until the day before that we realized it was almost 50 kilometers away, and therefore would require an early start to the day. The shuttle was very easy to take and dropped us off right at the terminal, resulting in a smooth journey.

Viva Espana

We had checked the weather for Zaragoza almost every day leading up to our departure, and were expecting it to be 21 degrees and sunny upon our arrival. We landed to an overcast sky, however we were not disappointed because the weather was already significantly warmer! After dropping off our stuff at the apartment of a friend, we headed out to find a restaurant for a late lunch. We found a small cafe with many lunch specials, however with our very limited knowledge of Spanish, this was very difficult to choose what to order.

Luckily, I like pretty much everything, so I took a chance on one of the lunch specials- it ended up being pieces of chicken, fries, a salad with tuna, and a ham and cheese croquette. My friend had a bit more difficulty because she is a vegetarian, and therefore could not as easily pick a random dish. We also ordered a queso tortilla, which we thought would be something similar to tortilla chips and melted cheese, so we were quite surprised when we received a cheese omlette on a baguette!

Zaragoza Zaragoza

That evening, we went to a fantastic tapas bar called Sin Nombre, which had a fantastic assortment of tapas and excellent wine! Some of the things we sampled included balls of chicken, a flaky pastry with meat and sauce inside, queso balls, some spring rolls, and fried goat cheese with a pepper jelly on a slice of baguette. I could have stayed there all night sampling the tapas! Aside from the food, the atmosphere was really great, it was very busy and there were people chatting and socializing all over the bar. Later that night, we decided to check out the nightlife and went to a couple different bars and clubs. I was so surprised by how late the party gets started and how late people party for! Around 4:30, the club was getting packed, but I was struggling to keep my eyes open!

Zaragoza by Day

Our first full day there had a bit of a slow start, as a result of the late night before. But by the afternoon, we were ready to go and check out the city! We saw the Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Pilar, which was right in the main square of the city- the Plaza del Pilar. It was free to enter and absolutely amazing inside!! The details carved into the walls and ceiling were phenomenal, and the different prayer rooms were enchanting.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside, so I highly recommend a visit to get the full experience! After exploring the basilica and the square around it, we went and had some churros. The churros were served with a mug full of melted chocolate to dip the churros in, and they were fabulous!! It was a nice sunny day, but only about 14 degrees and too windy to sit on the patio, so we enjoyed them from inside. Later that evening, we returned to our new favourite tapas bar for more wine and tapas before calling it an earlier night, this bar is a reason for us to go back to Zaragoza.

Zaragoza zaragoza

Hi Sun! We missed you!

On our final day we had the best weather of all! It was 17 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, making it the perfect day for a walk around the city and the park! We spent a few hours exploring the Parque Grande Jose Antonio Labordeta. From the top of the park, there were

amazing sweeping views of the city, fountains, and little cafes in the park. We stopped for some coffee and water, and drank it in the sun on a little patio in the park. On our way home, we walked down the main stairs of the park, which are directly in front of a fountain and statue and have small waterfalls rolling down next to the stairs. It was really the perfect way to end our short city break. We soaked up as many rays of sunshine as we could before it was time again to return to the airport.

zaragoza zaragoza zaragoza

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