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Our Top 5 for a Weekend in Colourful Copenhagen

17 March 2017

Read more to find out our top 5(/6/7) recommendations for a weekend in Copenhagen! 1. Easy Travel We stepped off the plane Friday night into what is now one of our favourite cities- Copenhagen! After a short flight from the Charleroi airport, we found our way through the terminal to the trains so that we could take the train right into the city. One thing I found quite…


A Perfect Weekend Trip to Paris

7 February 2017

No matter what the time of year, or how many times you have visited Paris, there is always something amazing to see. Whether it be gazing at the lights of the Eiffel towel as they twinkle in the night sky, or taking in the incredible architecture of Notre Dame, there is certainly an experience to satisfy every taste (in addition to the delicious baguettes of course!). Making the…