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An Expat’s Guide to Eindhoven

14 August 2017

Eindhoven is one of the three Mainports of the Netherlands because of its economic importance. Eindhoven is the home of many expats working at the high performing multinationals such as ASML, Philips, DAF and VDL. Needless to say, there is a high demand for engineers and other professionals to keep these companies up to date with the newest innovations. Dennis was born in Eindhoven and has spent most of his life there, whereas Abby recently moved to Eindhoven to work at Philips. Here is our top list of things to do in Eindhoven for internationals, or as we like to call it, an expat’s guide to Eindhoven.

Language café

If you move to a new country it’s very helpful to learn the language. Dutch isn’t a particularly easy language, but it’s fun to learn. The language café in Veldhoven runs every Tuesday and Thursday- it is a lot of fun and it is a great way to meet other international people. It’s located at the library and is completely free! It’s really amazing how much it helps with speaking a new language. Local people host it and the goal of the evening is to chat in Dutch, they explicitly mention that it’s not a Dutch class, so it’s best to take a course or be able to speak some basic Dutch before participating.

Click here for more information about the Language Cafe

“Downtown” Gourmet Foodhal

Foodhalls are an upcoming trend and that has reached Eindhoven as well. In the city center there’s a newly opened foodhall and we love it! There are many different stalls each with their own unique creations, and a lovely atmosphere to meet with friends for a drink. The only thing you have to be aware of is the amount of other people that love it too, it can be challenging to find a table on a Friday or Saturday night, but nonetheless it’s definitely worth a visit.

Click here for more information about the “Downtown” Gourmet Foodhal


In the middle of the city center you will find the market with many different bars and restaurants. All the bars have nice terraces where you can enjoy a drink in the sun, or covered in case it rains. At night all of the restaurants turn into bars and people can enjoy a night out. Typically, the age range at the bars at the market is about 25+. For expats, a night out here may be much more fun than at the Stratumseind where you find a much younger crowd.

Glow Festival

Glow, the annual festival of lights, in one of the most popular tourist attractions in Eindhoven. Every year multiple designers and technology companies create fabulous pieces of art based on lights and you can watch all of this while walking the Glow Walking Tour. The tour is usually in the city center and you have all the bars and shops nearby to get yourself a glass of gluhwein (delicious hot wine usually a enjoyed around Christmas) or a hot chocolate to warm yourself. The glow festival usually takes place in November and is definitely a must see.

Curious for the next edition of Glow, click here

Expat hub

Located in Eindhoven city center the Expat hub is one of the best places to meet other international people and do fun activities. The Expat hub organizes gatherings such as summer parties, Dutch practice sessions, quiz nights, music nights and much more. If you are new in town and looking for new friends or like-minded people, definitely check this place out.

Do you want to join any of the activities organized by the Expat Hub? Check out this link for more information!

Foodtruck festival “Foodstock”

Twice every summer the Foodstock festival will be organized on the Eindhoven technical university (TU/e) grounds. Many foodtrucks come out and offer their specialities at this festival. There is such a great atmosphere and definitely a nice day out on a sunny Sunday with a group of friends.

Curious to see when the next edition of Foodstock will be organized? Click here

PSV Eindhoven

Being one of the biggest clubs in the Netherlands PSV is always a nice night out to experience the passion and atmosphere in the stadium. Tickets start at 25 euro for a regular game and therefore it is very affordable. The Philips Stadium is one of the only stadiums in Europe located in the heart of the city center. In case there is no game planned you can always enjoy the stadium tour, which will guide you through the club’s history, and you even get to see the pitch.

Are you a football fan, or a fan-to-be? Click here to read more about PSV, the ticket prices and museum tour!


In case you didn’t know, living in Eindhoven means living close to every European city. Only a 20 minute bus ride (bus 401) from the central station stands between Eindhoven and a flight to any other big city in Europe. So whether you have to work somewhere abroad, or are looking for a quick getaway, Eindhoven is the ideal place for you.

Do you have anything to add to our list, please contact us as we would like to grow this list!

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    17 August 2017 at 15:28

    Great post! I’ve studied in Eindhoven for 5 months, I love all the things they organize. Maybe you should add Carnaval? 😀

    • Reply
      22 August 2017 at 15:03

      Hi Steve, Carnaval is for sure a big happening, i will add it shortly!

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    Aaron Smith
    19 July 2018 at 22:32

    Thanks for sharing this information. Very useful for planning a trip to Eindhoven

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