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Banff, Alberta – Beautiful scenes

8 October 2017

Canada is such a spectacular country with so much to see and do- you can see vastly different landscapes and experience so many cultures without even crossing the border! We were lucky enough to find an affordable flight to Calgary (air travel within Canada can often be quite costly), flying from the Hamilton, Ontario airport about an hour outside of Toronto. Additionally, in celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary,…

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An Expat’s Guide to Eindhoven

14 August 2017

Eindhoven is one of the three Mainports of the Netherlands because of its economic importance. Eindhoven is the home of many expats working at the high performing multinationals such as ASML, Philips, DAF and VDL. Needless to say, there is a high demand for engineers and other professionals to keep these companies up to date with the newest innovations. Dennis was born in Eindhoven and has spent most…


Top 5 Activities in Rotterdam

9 July 2017

We recently spent a lovely weekend in Rotterdam, and had the pleasure of staying in a lovely AirBnB overlooking the river and the Erasmus Bridge! Although it rained for most of our stay, we did not let the weather put a damper on our adventures, and were still able to take in all the magnificent things this city had to offer! We have put together a list of…


Stunning Santorini [Budget Travel]

13 June 2017

When most people imagine the picturesque white houses on the cliffs of Santorini, and the crystal clear waters down below, there is often one other thought that comes to mind- expensive! However, a Santorini holiday does not have to be a budget-breaker! We recently spent a fantastic week on the sun-filled island, and managed to do so without breaking the bank. In this article you will find our…


A spring weekend in lovely London

16 May 2017

Driving to London Our weekend began late Friday night when we loaded up the car and set off on our road trip to London! It’s amazing how accessible travel in Europe is; rather than catching a flight across the channel, we decided to drive to Calais, Belgium and take the train that goes below the water. I had no idea there was a train that you could load…


Our Top 5 for a Weekend in Colourful Copenhagen

17 March 2017

Read more to find out our top 5(/6/7) recommendations for a weekend in Copenhagen! 1. Easy Travel We stepped off the plane Friday night into what is now one of our favourite cities- Copenhagen! After a short flight from the Charleroi airport, we found our way through the terminal to the trains so that we could take the train right into the city. One thing I found quite…


Some Amazing Days in Amsterdam!

14 February 2017

Amsterdam is usually the first place that comes to mind when people think of the Netherlands. Although there are dozens of other magnificent cities in the country, Amsterdam is certainly one that is full of fun and highlights! The beautiful canals, lined by boats and colourful crooked houses, are more than enough to draw anyone in, but the countless attractions and activities are what keep us coming back!…


Zaragoza Weekend Trip

14 February 2017

After a rainy couple of weeks in the Netherlands, a short break in the sun in Zaragoza was much anticipated. We spent the day in Brussels before taking a shuttle to the South Charleroi Airport to catch our flight to Zaragoza- a journey that was much longer than expected! When we first booked the flight, I had assumed that the Brussels-Charelroi Airport was at least close to Brussels,…


A Perfect Weekend Trip to Paris

7 February 2017

No matter what the time of year, or how many times you have visited Paris, there is always something amazing to see. Whether it be gazing at the lights of the Eiffel towel as they twinkle in the night sky, or taking in the incredible architecture of Notre Dame, there is certainly an experience to satisfy every taste (in addition to the delicious baguettes of course!). Making the…